Education Problem

Education Problem

Education is synonymous of Vishnu, Our caretaker,as it makes the provision of our livelihood. The planet responsible for getting the certificates and degrees is ‘Budh’ and Jupiter for providing the Practical knowledge. Hence in a horoscope, both should manifest themselves in ‘shubh satithi’ placed in Navmansh as well as ‘Chaturvivansh’ and should never be in weak ‘Bal’ and rank and not be in ‘Sandhi Bhed’ too.

Moral values, Routine mannerism etc. is seen through the Second House, making the critical analysis of the Second House important.

Going abroad for studies depends critically on the 9th and the twelfth House. We need to study 1st ,3rd and the 6th House to mind the health and mental state. A careful study of these Houses warn us about the prospective problems and various Dashas to come. Which stream of academics the child should opt? For this, we need to analyse the ‘Kaarak’ planet’s position in D/1,D/9,/4 etc. along with the thorough study of DASHMAANSH KUNDALI to see the gain of money and success, as an outcome of his education.

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