Career Problems

Vashikaran Totke

Thousands of students come out of various colleges and institutions in search of suitable job matching their qualification and technical abilities. Some are lucky to get job of their choice while most of the aspirants still fail to get the job even though they possess high qualification.

Selection of accurate career is the first step which should be taken into account before hand by the parents with the help of expert. Student’s aptitude must be taken in to consideration. Whether he is willing to start a new venture or he has the inclination for technical education should be judged. Sometimes we see that parents ignore the child choice and ability and forcibly burden the child with the career of their own choice.

This is irony when we see some engineer or technical hand working on the table of clerk in a Government office or in some Bank. Obviously, this is not the job matching his talent and education. He may be doing it for his livelihood and perfection and exploration in the profession in such cases should not be expected.

Astrology can be helpful in finding out the inclination of a child which can further help him to choose the right direction for a perfect profession or business of his choice. This cannot be said for sure that he will get a definite chance in the field he has mastered but this is indeed a step towards the achievement. Every unemployed person is willing to know when he will get a job. If he is already in job, when he will get promotion or change in his profession for betterment. Or which business is beneficial for him. Study of planets in a horoscope in this regard should not be ignored. My few articles will throw light on this issue.

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