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Love marriage Astrologer Chandigarh

The love marriage astrology is immensely useful and beneficial to individual persons in love, and families of these persons. Since ancient times, this marvelous science has been suggesting highly elegant and efficacious measures to people in general for solving and preventing their problems pertaining to all various fields of life. This webpage contains very helpful information especially about the love marriage astrology, and exquisite and expeditious solutions of our globally famed love marriage astrologer pandit M-L Jyotish Acharya, with intentions to help the concerned persons and families of the world over.

The most important and influential houses of the birth chart of a person related with his/her love affairs, marriage, marital life, and relationship with spouse, are the following — Fifth house, Seventh house, Eleventh house, and the Second house. Therefore, for a love affair or love marriage to be smooth, happy, and ever-lasting, these houses should be auspicious and favorable with gracious influences of the naturally benevolent planets like Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, etc. Again, these houses should not be subject to receiving bad and destructive influences of malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, etc, both under the stationary and transitory situations. Again, the lord of the seventh houses should not be positions in any of the following houses of the natal chart — Eleventh, Third, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Ninth. Lastly, for the mentioned objectives, there should not be any harmful, obstructive, or destructive yogas in the birth chart of any partner.

Love Marriage Astrology Services by Pt. M-L Jyotish Acharya

The globally admired love marriage astrology services of our profoundly erudite and ingenious astrologer expertly tackle all above-mentioned cases to help troubled people. All types of problems, disturbances, obstacles, and adversities occurring in the way of peaceful and blossoming love affairs or harmonious and promising love marriages are pacified, mitigated, or eradicated completely by his ingenious and assured astrology solutions. For providing solutions, he duly considers the above-noted cases and situations, and performs anyone or all of the following tasks:

  • Makes the lord of the seventh house, auspicious and strong, wherever it is located.
  • Enables the above-specified houses to receive only good and positive influences of all nine planets.
  • Mitigates and preferably eliminates the bad and destructive influences of malevolent planets on these houses, and on the overall natal chart of the concerned person.
  • Makes the naturally benevolent planets virtuous, favorable, and strong
  • And, nullifies the ill-effects of any troublesome or ruinous astrology doshas or yogas, such as the Mangal Dosha, any Kaal Sarpa Yoga, and yogas formed during transitory motions of various planets.

Surely effective solutions are extended by means of apt gemstones, astrology yantras, mitigation/elimination of doshas/yogas, and suggestions regarding worshipping certain deities or performing specific donations.

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